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"Want to" match "can do"

Career counselor can Rui Case:

susan Applied Electronics graduate. After graduating from university, worked for two years in a state-owned enterprises entered a well-known high-tech enterprise, a secretary. But she found that the basic positioning of the company secretary for business personnel odd jobs, services, processing report to the leadership of some simple, she is very aware of these routine things anyone can do. Although there is no pressure of work, but was very depressed. Later, she applied for departments, but suffered for more than one month, it did not work.

As for sector fail, she simply switched to a private company to do technical assistance. Is usually the work of the pure computer literacy, often dealing with some very low-level operational problems. She intended to want to do technology, but do not want such a low level of technology that she, not competent to do another high.

But sometimes, if we can help employees solve quite hard, she will feel very proud that there is value. So she has been seeking a higher level of work to do. To do this she enrolled in a Master-service management. Learning while working. But friends have recommended her, so she went to an engineer license, so we can make advanced technologies. But she did not know their own future in the end is to take technical route or take the administrative route. She worked for three years now, and have been doing basic work, which she was not satisfied with their own. She felt that she should have chosen not to swing around, but she does not know how to choose, it will not have regrets, will not waste time and youth?

Expert analysis can be sharp:

1, management and professional choice:

Professionals to re-pay the initial stage is higher than the general administrative staff. Susan very much care about their status, so the time to do the work of unbalanced mind. This is generally the primary workplace impetuous attitude, they can not see the job growth.

Susan currently on the professional background and professional experience point of view, administrative and technical she can do. So, she did not take into account other parameters, when indecision. Vocational orientation indecision.

2, psychological needs and market demand dislocation:

Susan attaches great importance to her position, and hope that their higher level. For such a purpose is also switched. Shows that psychological factors on the work of her great influence. Over the years, her position is not under the actual situation of companies and individuals but according to their own expectations and psychological needs, such positioning is difficult to accept. In the workplace, the need to individual needs and business needs together and give yourself an accurate positioning, which will help to focus follow a path, and also help enterprises to provide better opportunities to individuals.
Orientation or whether it is sustainable development are required as the criterion of market.

3, the value can not find jobs

The key criteria to measure what matters, is the key responsibilities and functions, assume key responsibilities to be worth up to professional people.

Enterprises, the key responsibilities and functions are market-oriented. It has two key points, one is product development, market management. You are not product experts, market management is capable.
Susan as a secretary at the time, she found that the basic positioning of the company secretary for business personnel odd jobs, services, processing report to the leadership of a few simple. She did not clear their duties and functions, in fact, she is doing the work of market management. The key thing she did, did not realize that this is the key thing, it was a great mistake.

She is not a matter of grasping how to squeeze the essentials, the value can not find jobs.

Expert planning:

"Want to" match "can do"

What one wants, we should first consider what else to do. Know what they want but can not afford to get people, and do not know what they want people who have the same problems. When they have perplexed, our advice is: calm down, do nothing and find a quiet place to think seriously about their future and the past, listen to their voice, find their inner needs, understanding own personality and abilities.

There is a more scientific method can be applied, that is, vocational aptitude tests, and obtain guidance. For those who lack self-reflection ability, proposed to the "professional planner" consultation. Although this new industry is in its infancy and far from perfect level, but its future is very bright.
Rui experts here can work out susan two career routes.

Administration route:

The first step: from secretarial, administrative assistant to start work, to master basic vocational skills;

Step two: administration or marketing management, cut into management;

Step Three: Department Manager.

Reasons: administration work experience.


The first step: Technology Commissioner;

Step Two: Technical Engineer;

Step three: technology consulting firm to implement the consultants / IT services to business customers in charge, enter the consulting industry or management.

Reasons: (1) administration experience; (2) Master of Management degree.

Ultimately she chose to take the technical path, she said she enjoyed helping people solve problems that pleasure, this small woman, big woman, vanity, let her keep one by one to overcome technical difficulties and tireless.

Senior career counselor can be sharp, Mr. Bian Bingbin that when a person's psychological needs and the value of work, when in conflict, the human body and mind and work are not likely to hurt. The only solution is to find a job, you have it with the values of mutual coordination. Long-term development strategy as the company needs as individuals also need vision, so that we can balance the future with sufficient vigor. (END)

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