Saturday, October 23, 2010

Yuebuqilai the hush music - recorded a failure of public relations activities

When the weekend visiting the Nuo Mate came across a man named "hush music" of the diaper is being carried out activities within the store, out of professional habit, I decided to stay and what to watch. However, results of the activities was very disappointing. After waiting about 5 minutes (during which several have signed up to the mother and the already pitiful audience began leaving), activity has finally started, activities are to wear diapers competition, the host of the long battle , the final three mothers participating. host patience that competition rules, the three mothers had their children stripped pants for a win, go all out, the order, the race began! champion mother only three seconds the end of the game, her mother moves the slowest time in less than five seconds. After the end of the race five seconds, then into a long wait for the next round of competition.

Throughout the activities, duration less than a minute, and before the audience to understand how matter is over. Crowd of spectators up to more than 10 people, and most of the audience is confused, because there is no information to tell you what manufacturers to carry out any activity in here. participate in the activities of the three mothers are also receiving end of the game up a few diapers left hastily, in which one end of the game there will be a mother to wear when participating in their children's hush music diaper removed, it seems worried about child wear uncomfortable.

Failure analysis activities, mainly the following:

1. Location error

In general, audience participation activities should be strong selection of small square in the shopping center, where high traffic, can form a wider spread of surface, while the broad square venue to facilitate you watch or participate in activities.

And the hush music "wearing diapers Contest" Norma sale in pitch selection, based on a small space makes nowhere; stores in horn, around the cries of a salesperson, next to the TV in play music, etc., almost drowned the entire event.

To make matters worse, the venue is extremely simple to find a few pieces of foam fight on the floor of the stadium became mothers. Not only did not tell you the background of host stage companies, activities; does not help the audience.

2. Communication is not in place

The venue itself limits the spread of surface activity, but the staff is there waiting for customers to come, the overall activity has been intermittent (because it was hard to wait until the scene activities with children who have been).

If several people were sent to the Nuo Mate organizers before the busy square with children's parents invited to attend activities; If the advance communication with the store is good, with stores in radio broadcasts; if you put a few posters for the square advocacy; if ... ... history can not be assumed, however. The final outcome is an active "fishing for three minutes, two hours and starts."

3. Unreasonable staffing

Throughout the whole "wearing diapers Competition" campaign, only three staff members, a host, a host assistants (to help host records, time, etc.), one for distribution of prizes.

Neither the staff responsible for coordinating the activities of the process (as a race with the organization of the work of the next round of competitions, resulting in gaps of the activity, intermittent), and no one participating in the activities of players waiting for the scene to pacify (so the parents can not wait to leave continuing, leading to delays in three of the participating organizations are not up-scale), and no staff around the audience to introduce activities or promotion of products.

4. Activities in the design is too simple

Stage of the activity in just 5 seconds, seriously top-heavy (the waiting time much longer than activity time). Analysis because of activities of the design is too simple: wear diapers - the background to accept the award - the end. The result is a popular activity can not afford to live always together, but can not spread to spread out the brand or activities.

If the increased activity of several components:

(1) Award: After the game, the winner taking office, baby and mother to accept the award (not to the back collar), and on the spot for the baby and mother were presented with awards, wearing crown.

(2) activities when making their own photo taken, to a winner at the end of a photo. Each participating team can get the photo competition. I believe that photos parents will treasure for a long time, while still hush hush music collection of brands and activities. Can be expected that parents will these photos to family and friends, at the same time spread, but also inadvertently made a promotional music for the hush hush.

Increase the link above does not need too much expenditure, can greatly enhance the activity can be ornamental, popular gathering for the event, but also for the next round of activities, leaving more time to prepare.

Of course, history is not changed, failed once hush music if timely conclusion and the reasons for the failure to properly fill the short board, I believe the next, we will see a happy hush music, a baby and enterprises have fun activities.

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