Monday, September 27, 2010

3G Competition: adjust rates really can "cure"?

China Telecom announced the implementation of the recent high-profile one-way national roaming charges from roaming customers to easily receive calls without having to worry about costs; China Unicom also immediately adjust the 3G Series Package rates, in addition to a substantial reduction in 3G Internet access charges, the voice and Video Phone also uses a uniform pricing; China Mobile Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are greatly reduced and the international roaming tariffs, an average reduction of 50%, so that customers no longer roaming about "money" discoloration. It seems the three operators price wars "smoke signals" has been lit.

The most direct beneficiaries of the tariff reduction is the customer of course, was that the fee adjustment was not as propaganda put it, "real benefits", but, despite the operator to adjust the scope of the three different customers to benefit from it is an indisputable fact. China Telecom to adjust the part of the cost of roaming calls, even if most clients rarely leave the normal working life of the cities or provinces, but still a substantial proportion of inter-provincial roaming clients (such as business-type customers) can reduce costs; China Unicom's package positioning high, but a significant increase in package includes access to the Internet traffic and 3G Internet access charges down to further demonstrate the advantages of 3G high-speed wireless Internet; China Mobile, the reduction of international roaming charges, even more efforts need to drive, the former two smaller user base, adjusting the tariff is to better develop the market, while China Mobile revised tariff structure for some coastal provinces is the direct down their own income, from that point even more commendable sincerity of China Mobile .

Means that customers benefit from reduced tariffs, customers benefit from the means to attract more customers network, this strategy appears to be a "win-win", but adjust the charges really be able to "cure" Why? I believe that adjust rates only communications operator overall competitive strategy is an integral part of the consideration if the pure price competition on tariff adjustment and that this is the deciding factor, a bit sweeping suspected rather underestimate the importance of the customer is also rational judgment.

Customer Value diversity

With the market competition, customers have the right to choose. When China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom three operators of business before us, the client can choose a "voting with their feet." So, encourage customers to make judgments and choices What are the factors? The answer is very simple customer value.

Customer value is when customers use a product use experience less customer to pay costs. Guer order to enhance customer value are two basic means - reduce cost or improve customer experience. While tariff adjustment is to reduce the cost of the most direct means, but try not 10,000 Souls. For example, the same is to meet the communication needs, but some high-end mobile phone customers has been favorable for the continued selling well is because these products to highlight the status of the customer or personality.

In addition, the current telecommunications market rates continued to slide today, continue to use low-cost ways to stimulate the stress is difficult to arouse customers. For example, even if all existing tariff reduction of 10%, according to the Ministry of Industry announced average monthly consumption of the mobile user (ARPU) calculation, a single customer telephone bill for savings is minimal.

As communications technology and communications market continues to develop, customers are no longer limited to voice calls resolved, more and more new products, more and more segments of the market is growing to adapt to customer demand customers are increasingly concerned about the new, strange, unique, special types of products and services, and products and services for those willing to pay a fee. Today, customer value diversity, communications operators should be actively "go out" to explore customer needs, innovative products and services to help customers and creating value, rather than "back to" blindly relying on the price war strategy "win a war."

Therefore, charges will be adjusted periodically as a strategy to attract the eye is understandable, but bent forward by cheap to "trick fresh Chibian day" and ignore the wide range of customer value, I am afraid that this road will gradually become narrower .

Enhance competition and promote a comprehensive

Communications operators to "price war" can be said to love and hate. While the price war to attract customers to quickly network, but the long-term, non-rational price war for operators, agents and customers are detrimental to the. Although the identity of the domestic telecommunications operators are special (large state-owned enterprises), but as a listed company must focus on return on investment issues. We all know, communication network planning, construction and maintenance is a cost, marketing and customer service also a cost. Price competition in the non-rational situation, the communications operator, once trapped in a "Prisoner's Dilemma" will produce "Bertrand Paradox" results - in the continuing price cuts among the products or services, the trend in the cost price, profit gradually tends to zero; in some special time, or even a price below cost, the profit for the negative situation. This communication carriers shareholders, employees, and communications operators themselves are bound to hurt.

Profits in the communications operators tend to zero or below zero cases, on the one hand operators are bound to reduce customer service standards and service quality, customer service not guaranteed, but operators have no more financial resources to use in the development of new products and new markets; the other hand, the decline in revenue means communications operator treatment and satisfaction of employees may decline, Imagine, customers are to expand by employees and services, there is no satisfactory how employees will be satisfied customers? This situation in the former two carriers who already have a full expression, can not but cause us to reflect on.

To a place in the market, it is necessary to promote full competition. Full competition is not just the classic theory of marketing 4P (Product product, Price Price, Place and Promotion promotion channel) areas, but should be increased to provide sales, service and management of all aspects of competition; different carriers of , the competition is not limited to, market and service line, back support, the market control, marketing planning, internal process management, will have a major impact on the competitive landscape. To effectively avoid market competition, the following can be considered.

To create differentiation. Purely from the user's point of view, China Mobile's TD-SCDMA, China Telecom and China Unicom's WCDMA cdma2000EVDO three types of 3G technology, and no significant difference between the. If the past is in accordance with the voice, data services direct competition model, the homogeneity of the problem has not avoided, can easily trap the vicious price competition, "Prisoner's Dilemma" at home.

Differentiation is many sided, all major operators can be their own characteristics and advantages play. Such as: new products, new business development to be appropriate inclination to encourage internal innovation and external innovation, and differentiated products and services; improve the quality of service within a strong external brand building extension services, highlighting the characteristics of its own services, so services brand can also affect market competition; through effective market segmentation and differential pricing, in particular customer markets or the formation of a specific regional market so competitors do not have the advantage.

Establishing a comprehensive sense of competition. If the former is the practice "Wai Jia Kung Fu", and that establishing a comprehensive sense of competition depends on the major carriers, "internal force of amendments to" the. Since the three operators are the current organizational structure of the functions of the vertical type, as the enterprise is more a grass-roots workers accustomed to "listening to the password, do action," the network and service quality advantage of the time differences are understandable. However, with the 3G era of full competition, "Battle" begins, between the three operators, network quality and service quality began to gradually narrow the gap between the vertical functional structure of information and instruction delivery methods tend to be thrown the changing market dynamics behind.

Therefore, establishing a comprehensive sense of competition should not just corporate decision makers and the middle of things. Strengthen the overall competitive business every employee awareness and skills training, so that enterprises, whether the front or back of the employees threw himself into the competition to a comprehensive, management should timely adjust their thinking, speed up analysis and judge speed, better decisions effective and less 2G era empiricism and dogmatism, is fully competitive victory.

Building Core Competence. Once upon a time, "core competence" was once a major domestic enterprises often mention one of the slogans. The so-called core competencies, the simple understanding of Jiu Shi Company 鍦?within a certain timeframe Zishen exclusive of, Jingzhengduishou difficult to follow or not follow the example of the advantages of core competence Ke Yi is technically Huoyewushang, you can also be managed on, Liu Cheng superior advantages.

The competitiveness of enterprises, ultimately the core competitiveness of enterprises and the corporate culture of competition. The integration of enterprise communications, 3G services launch, all the market has undergone fundamental change. Telecommunications operators should stop and re-examine their core competencies and core values, and its own corporate culture at this stage whether and present market situation faced by the match. Process Reengineering, for example, can operate in the 2G era of smooth flow, in 3G competition among all businesses is not necessarily able to make quick response to market changes and effective decision-making, which requires companies to be combined to optimize the current situation of the process , adjust or even re-design.

Better guidance and more scientific

Determine the customer and the product selection process, in fact, that is, factors of various stimuli applied to the customer role in the process. These incentives generally can be divided into direct and indirect incentives to stimulate factors, such as direct stimulation of tariff structure is one of the factors, and word of mouth is an indirect stimulus. We can not expect every customer have "enough" of the reason to make the right judgments and choices, because the customer can, after all the information available is limited, in this case of asymmetric information may be natural choices could not very well or even unable to meet customer needs.

A working life in local, very few foreign roaming customers, one-way charging policy of the national roaming for him is not entitled to any concessions. In this case, as a communications operator and scientific obligation to help customers analyze and give a reasonable guide to help customers make the right judgments and choices. After all, we should look at long-term customers, rather than in net short-term benefits. Many proven and reasonable to extend the customer life-cycle in the network operators and customers are a win-win, and if only the short-term operators no different from Banded.

Jieyang, Guangdong Province where the author's movement, for example, now we have begun to try to analyze the results of Consumer Behavior applied to customer sales and service guide, the account manager or sales personnel to introduce products or services, customers can further close to customers actual usage to help customers and more targeted matches. For example, a regular Hong Kong and Macau roaming clients, the system will be prompted through the analysis account manager or sales staff can recommend to customers roaming benefits package stack, so that customers can further reduce the bill, but operators can also further enhance the service by such means . Although this analysis is based on static, then the last one and bill the user data, but such an attempt to further close to the customer operators and to some extent, can help customers make the right judgments and choices.

The approach is based on the customer database analysis, the author recommends may also use customer self-service analysis system to help customers make choices and judgments. We will set a good example to achieve a variety of tariff structures and package the program entered into the system and to ensure real-time updates, customer self-service terminal through a user-friendly man-machine interface input their own information (such as the use of data services , roaming minutes, etc), the system can give a package for customers to use personal communications solutions (such as voice packages, data service packages, special discount programs, etc.), and gives customers a clear and use the current use of the new solution, contrast, it can also help clients "Know thyself."

As competition further intensified, I believe the major carriers will exert all efforts to seize the market. In such a complicated means of competition among them how to firmly grasp the clients? Adjusted rates may be able to play an immediate short-term effect, but only still standing in the customer's perspective, always focus on customer value and in good faith to help customers make rational effective choice, so is the competition of the most fundamental strategy.


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